Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My daughter, reader and world traveler

I've got a couple of reasons to be very proud of Z. If you read my husband's blog, you probably know what a champ she was during their five nights in Leeds, England. They traveled stroller-less, and Z walked all day without complaint. She also adjusted well to the time change, new sleeping arrangements and plenty of sightseeing just Dad and her Aunt Bethany.

Shortly after her return, met another milestone on the road to big-kidhood. She started reading! I knew she could sight read a few words and sound out all the letters from her phonics work at Montessori school, but on Saturday afternoon she picked up a dusty old copy of Hop, Skip Jumparoo Zoo from the basement shelf and proceeded to read me all 30 pages! She only needed help with a handful of words. It was obvious she was as proud of herself as I was of her. The lightbulb had been turned on and she realized I can really do this. Since then she's also read Biscuit and the Baby and a couple of other books. Since she's only 4 years old and a November birthday, she's going to be quite the accomplished reader before she enters kindergarten in the the fall of 2011. Until then, her Montessori school will let her progress as rapidly as she wishes.