Saturday, July 11, 2009

The cupcake

It all started out innocently enough. A backyard pool party with wading pools, pizza, Capri-Sun and adult beverages.

We sang happy birthday to Evan.

And the cupcakes were passed out. Kids love Jewel cupcakes.
Me, I love it when parties include Jewel cupcakes because they don't tempt me at all.
Nothing quite sets my teeth like the overwhelming sweetness of a frosted Jewel cupcake.
There's always lots of frosting.
Prepared with copious quantities of blue and green food coloring.

Blech. After passing on the cupcakes--all the better to save room for our anniversary dinner at Publican (which was AMAZING)--I hosed off A. And she hosed off her chair. She topped off her chocolate crumb bath with a trip down the inflatable slide and into an overfilled baby pool, where she slipped under the water. Which makes "I go unda-wawa" the phrase of the day; although "happy birthday" is a close second.

7/12/09 update: Food coloring does not appear to be metabolized by the human body. Neon poops. Nuff said.