Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Genius marketing move by Huggies Wipes

This is what a trip to the Brown Cow looks like with a two year old who insists on having her "own cone" of chocolate ice cream. So I was happy to see Huggies had placed a stack of baby wipe samples at the cash register.
Ah, but look closely. These aren't BABY wipes, they are HUGGIES SUPREME THICK N CLEAN HYPOALLERGENIC wipes. Apparently diaper wipe manufacturers have realized the market for baby wipes isn't going to grow very fast in a land where most moms stop at two children. The key to growing their brand is getting moms of potty-trained kids toting them around. And putting them in an ice cream parlor, where the need to wipe faces and hands is pretty much guaranteed? Freaking genius.
Unfortunately I don't think any stain remover is going to get out the chocolate on A's dress. Ugh.