Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's potty time

The scene: lunch at Irazu
Our star: a newly minted 2 year old who's used a potty exactly twice in her life, both times this week. For pee.

After shunning a bowl of black beans and rice in favor of downing Josh's oatmeal shake and half of the table's tortilla chips, A touched her bum and announced "I go poo-poos. Potty."

I took her to the bathroom. She touched every possible surface on the toilet, finally balancing her tiny bum on the front toilet seat gap.

And she pooped.

Fellow patrons of the Irazu patio at 12:30 today, you probably knew this already as A returned from the restroom singing "I poo-pooed potty! I poo-pooed in da potty!"