Saturday, August 08, 2009

A few more firsts today

1. Z held her very first lemonade stand today, the first hot and humid day this summer. She only netted two customers and 50¢ since there way pretty much no foot traffic. Z wants to try again tomorrow, when the next block is closing their street for a block sale.
2. Z also has her very first sleepover tonight. I dropped her off at 5:30 and won't see her again until after breakfast.
3. A decided to shed her swim vest (and bikini top) and jump into the pool on her own. I let her go "unda-wawa" each time before grabbing her up and letting her do it "again! again! again!"
4. Not to be outdone, Z took off her water wings and demonstrated her fledgling swimming skills. She can doggypaddle a few feet, something I hope she'll be able to improve this fall when I enroll her in more swimming lessons. I asked the MomMail readership for recommendations and heard good things about the Y and raves for the Concordia University swim program.