Thursday, August 27, 2009

A is 25 months old

A is growing by developmental leaps and bounds. Just this week, I've...
Removed all three baby gates from our stairways
Witnessed multiple poops in the potty
Heard her sing snippets of songs
Seen her grasp of colors improve (her favorite color is yellow)
Watched her pick out her own clothes (dresses are preferred/demanded and nothing can be "too tight")
Listened as she "reads" her favorite books

Her personality is coming into focus as well. This morning she accidentally bumped into Z, who acted all put out and injured. So A started chasing Z, chanting "I kiss you! I kiss you! Make better!"

And last night I was in the basement, letting A "cook" for me using her play kitchen. "You hun-gee Mommy? I make you boc-li an stawbries. I cook dem in da oven. Almost ready... Here you plate. Geen plate. Put on your lap. Okay?"

I decided to play a little child psychology. I scrunched up my face into an A-like scowl and threw my play broccoli on the floor.

A did her best to look stern, but her eyes were gleeful as she saw our roles reversed. "No throw food, Mommy! Dat's not nice. Put on plate and eat. No throwing."