Friday, August 07, 2009

Let's go back in time today

Eleanor, Nancy, Alma 1989 U of Chicago visit
How many sartorial tragedies can you find in this 1989 photo of me with my mom and sister? Let's see... I'm wearing loud capri pants, orange socks, fake Keds... and a fanny pack! Fortunately, my sister is showing equally bad taste with her high-waisted acid wash gianto jean shorts and tucked-in beefy-T.

As for Mom's clothes? I'm pretty sure she still has (and wears) both the tee and white pants.

Incidentally, this photo was taken on my first trip to Chicago. Mom and Dad showed us around their alma mater, and we ate lunch at the Med.

Five years later, I would be a first year.
Alma and the people on her floor 2nd day of O week 1994