Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I guess I'm really pregnant now

I've gained 15 lbs, my belly's out to here, and this week I started feeling pregnancy symptoms for the first time. I'm one of the lucky ones who never felt suffered from morning sickness, and I couldn't feel the baby move until just last month. I consider myself one of the lucky ones for whom pregnancy is pretty "easy." I'm youngish, low-risk and healthy.

So while I'm still answering my co-workers' "How are you feeling?" questions with a "Just great, thanks," it's more because I don't want to regale them with my tales of below the belt suffering. The acrobatic backflips baby's performing in my belly. The way she's pushing down on my bladder so that I find myself running to the bathroom only to squeeze out the tiniest tinkle. The, er, extra fiber my diet requires. And the waking up with my leg completely immobilized by calf cramps. The next 17 weeks should be fun.