Sunday, March 04, 2007

Weekend highlights

The Saturday morning Ralph's World concert at HOB was a huge hit. Z seemed a tiny bit overwhelmed by the sell-out crowd on the floor and by our fairly crowded VIP balcony (we're spoiled by Josh's connections). However, she wasn't too shy to pipe up with this gem when asked her name by one of the other parents: "I have a baby sister. She's not here yet. She's in Mommy's tummy. She's coming later."

The woman looked up at me, her gaze shifting over my baggy maternity blouse. I nodded that yes, I was expecting. And yes, it was a girl.

After her afternoon nap, Z was delighted to have two of her best buddies over. And Josh entertained all three girls, treating us moms to an hour or so of virtually uninterrupted conversation.

Saturday evening I put Z in the bath with her "naked baby," a water-friendly plastic doll. She was giving her baby a bottle, when she looked up at me and announced, "I got to give baby a bottle. I put it in her mouth. It's got milk in it. It's not for you, Mommy. You can't have it. It's got hand prints on it. It's got blue hand prints."

Today Z again raided my closet for "Mommy dress-up clothes," settling on an apricot maternity tank top over a silky half slip. The whole ensemble was held up with hair clips and a pink sparkly belt.

Video chatting
We also used our webcam for the first time, "videoconferencing" with my in-laws on Skype. It was pretty cool to see Z performing for her grandparents as she looked at them on our computer. But since she's got the attention span of a flea, she kept asking us to "go to me check my e-mail." And no, my 2-year-old does not have an email account.