Thursday, March 08, 2007

No patience for being a patient

I'm home sick today, feeding a vicious cold with hourly trips into the kitchen. I think I would be a cow if I was home full-time.

Anyway, after finishing up a presentation deck and emailing it off to the office, I've been busying myself with the production and consumption of the hot water/lemon juice/honey mixture first prepared for me by the British nanny of some family friends when I was about twelve years old. My sister and I had been staying at their home in Islamabad, Pakistan while my dad was medivaced to Germany with acute pancreatitis (my mother accompanied him). I'm always impressed by how well this hot lemonade soothes a sore throat.

I'm less impressed with network television's daytime viewing options. Seriously, after Oprah and The View, there is nothing on but low-budget soaps and hour after hour of court shows. Cristina's Court, the People's Court, Divorce Court, Judge Joe Brown, Judge Mills Lane...even the logos for these shows are virtually identical!