Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend highlights

In no particular order...

1. Seeing Jon Brion with Josh at the Steppenwolf Theatre Friday night
2. Seeing Z's face light up when the babysitter arrived
3. Sharing a mess of barbecue from Robinson's Ribs with our friends Julie and Steve and their kids Saturday night
4. Watching their daughter Ania and Z play nicely on their own while we licked BBQ sauce off our fingers
5. Finding Josh a pair of snazzy pants and a shirt and sweater to match at Banana Republic
6. Discovering that BR has a bathroom with a changing table
7. Breaking out Z's red wagon
8. Hitting the playground for the first time in 4 months
9. Taking advantage of the extra hour of daylight by staying there until dinnertime
10. Having breakfast cereal and toast for dinner