Saturday, August 25, 2007

Baby bottle update

I know you're all on pins and needles, waiting to hear what I've decided to do with my BPA-contaminated Ameda breastmilk storage bottles and my big collection of Avent bottles (apparently the best-selling brand in America). Well, I mentioned the baby bottle controversy to my friend Gloria, who hadn't heard much about it. But, conscientious parent that she is, she did her research and immediately tossed all of her toddler's sippy cups and replaced them with Born Free cups. She also bought two Born Free bottles from Whole Foods for her 3 month old. She would have bought more, but there is a major run on the brand.

Here's the part where I get rewarded for biding my time. Gloria had a stash of Playtex Nursers she wasn't using because of a suspected latex allergy in her infant. She gave them to me and A's taken to them just fine. As an added precaution, I'm pumping into my Ameda collection bottles, but immediately transfering the milk into a Playtex Nurser or a freezer bag.

And I have one less thing to worry about: the Gerber NUK pacifiers A's adopted are BPA-free.