Thursday, August 23, 2007

Multitasking while breastfeeding

Breastfeeding. Sure, it's a wonderful, close moment between mother and child. But I'm spending hours of my day feeding, burping and wiping spit-up out from between my boobs. I can't dedicate every minute to gazing lovingly at my baby. So here's how I milk that time for all its worth.

Surf the Internet one-handed. This is frustrating because I have to decide if it is worth the trouble to peck out a comment with my left hand. And with the iBook balanced on the couch off to my right or my left, I'm tempting eye and neck strain. Then the battery runs low and I forget to go plug in the machine.

Read a book. I usually only make a couple of pages of progress before A needs to be burped or Z runs in to ask me a question. Right now I'm slowly reading I Heart My In-Laws which I won from MumsTheWurd and Without a Map, a memoir by Meredith Hall. I also read Z stories while I nurse if she holds the book and turns the pages.

Listen to the radio. There's only so much NPR a girl can take, which is why my new favorite thing to do while breastfeeding is...

Books on tape! Books on CD, actually. I checked out Snowflower and the Secret Fan from the local library and I get through one or more of the nine CDs each day. It's wonderful to listen to someone else read the story because I can burp, change diapers, put away clothes and pump milk for A's daily bottle. Freedom!