Saturday, August 18, 2007

What me, worry?

I am not the worrying type, so it's unusual for me to find stuff to fret about. But I've got my eyebrows knitted and my panties in a twist today.

First of all, while none of the toys in our house were on Mattel's list of 19 million recalled toys, I'm starting to freak out a little bit about the whole BPA in baby bottles issue. I pump breastmilk into clear plastic bottles and all of the bottles I saved from Z's babyhood are Avent--one of many brands that may cause everything from early puberty and developmental problems to cancer. I may just bite the bullet and buy glass or Born Free bottles. There aren't a lot of safe options out there.

My other big worry? We were the victims of a home burglary Thursday afternoon and it took us two days to figure out we'd been robbed. After spending parts of Friday and Saturday trying to figure out how both our digital camera and my Blackberry could have disappeared from their designated spots, it occurred to me that the Blackberry charger was missing too (it had been plugged in). When we realized some DVDs had vanished and I reminded Josh that the back door had been unlocked when we returned from some errands on Thursday, we decided to call the Oak Park police.

The cops pointed out some signed of forced entry on the back door, further demonstrating that our belongings probably hadn't just up and walked away. It's unnerving knowing someone was in my house. And now they've got a camera full of pictures of my kids and full access to my email (although I just changed the password on my personal account). And naturally Josh is working tonight so I'm alone in the house with one sleeping kid and one hiccupping, spit-upping baby.

There are other, smaller worries eating at me too, but they all involve issues of time management and balance--something that I can control, I hope. I need to figure out how to juggle two children, household responsibilities, volunteer duties and family obligations with my own needs and wants (a flatter tummy and more time to surf the internet would be nice). And I need to figure it out before throwing a 40+ hour work week in the mix.