Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rockin' the block party

My brief history with our neighborhood block party...
In 2003, we'd just moved into our house. We were the new kids on the block: young, childless and known largely as the replacements for the previous owners.

In 2004 I was the really pregnant one.

In 2005 I brought my smiling, crawling baby to the block party. She didn't do much but gurgle and giggle, but she won some admirers.

In 2006 Z was finally able to enjoy the block party. She was too frightened to go in the bounce house, but she ate a hot dog and helped build the world's largest ice cream sundae.

This year we brought two children to the block party. Baby A dozed in the Hug-a-bub (the manufacturer should thank me for selling the wrap's benefits to an army of moms), and Z strutted around like she owned the place.

She did both bounce houses. She participated in the water balloon toss. She swatted at a pinata and snatched up all the candy she could get. She won a bag of goodies by pitching balls into the Bozo Buckets (kid's got an arm!). And she piloted ride-on toys down the middle of the street. She can boast of friends up and down the street, but it was particularly exciting to see that there are three other three year old girls within a block of our house.

For my part, I really enjoyed talking with so many neighbors. There are a lot of people I only see at the block party, but there are a fair number of people I see regularly at the park or on the train. And with plenty of wine, margaritas, appetizers and pizza, I seriously sabotaged my post-baby diet.