Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lasik or forget it?

I had my yearly eye exam today and I asked my eye doctor how long after weaning I would have to wait to get Lasik. I've had a lot of friends (and a few family members) get the vision correcting surgery and rave about the results, so it is something I've long considered doing. She told me I should wait about a year after I finish breastfeeding for my hormones to stabilize (how exactly this affects my eyes I'm not exactly sure). When I said that would mean I'd be able to get surgery about two years from now she seemed a little confused...I guess she hadn't met anyone who wanted to nurse for a year before. In fact, even though I mentioned again the length of time I intended to breastfeed, she tried to book me back for a follow-up eye dilation "in 3 to 6 months, after you've finished breastfeeding."

I came home to find this frightening article in the Chicago Tribune. Apparently I should be thankful I've got some time to think about Lasik.