Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Take your baby to work day

One of the great pleasures of maternity leave is the pilgrimage to the office to show off the baby. Josh and I took Baby A to the Green City Market this morning, and on the way there it occurred to me that while in the city I should stop by work to say hello. Never mind that my face was bare and I hadn't bothered to put my newborn in anything fancier than an old white onesie.

It was great seeing so many familiar, friendly faces. I'm lucky to work with really wonderful people, all of whom were delighted to squeeze baby cheeks and ooh and ahh over her tiny size.

And how often do we get to breeze into work at 10:30, socialize for an hour or so, and breeze right back out the door without so much as flipping on our desktop machines? (I couldn't anyway, IT seems to have taken my computer away!)

While I can't imagine returning to work before my baby's a little older, my stomach's a little flatter and everyone's sleeping a little better, I got a taste for the good stuff I'm missing when I stopped into a new business pitch meeting. I love the challenge of solving marketing problems in creative new ways, and the product being pitched was one that interests me. But for now I'll have to exercise my creative muscles by coming up with new and inventive ways to make a delicious, nutritious dinner while nursing a baby and entertaining a wound-up 2 year old.