Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Badvertising: KaBloom thinks we're cheap

Those roses your sweetheart is getting you for Valentine's Day? According to this piece for KaBloom florists, it's just a keep ploy to get you in bed. In case you're having difficulty reading the headline, it says "Make her day. And your night." And you thought he really loved you.

Now, I'm not saying this isn't a compelling message for certain audiences. If it was a print ad in Maxim magazine or up on the wall in the men's locker room at Crunch, it wouldn't qualify as Badvertising.

But in the Merchandise Mart stairwell? Where thousands of workers and El riders walk by every day? Most of them women? (This is a building full of PR shops, ad agencies and furniture showrooms, after all.) Somebody wasn't thinking.

I'm curious, is an overpriced bunch of red roses all it takes or do you have a different set of expectations? And who wears skirts that short anyway? Tramp.

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