Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lowes, you're no friend of mine

I shopped at Lowe's for my bathroom remodel because I've had such terrible experiences with Home Depot. But now I don't know where to go for my big box home improvement needs.

You see, not only did they screw up my pick-up order by giving us the wrong toilet tank and the wrong vanity cabinet, they've treated us like criminals when we come in to exchange the items for the ones we actually purchase (with a receipt, mind you)!

Trying to make the exchange of the vanity go as smoothly as possible, I called ahead and was assured by customer service that the exchange would be approved. I talked to the plumbing department to verify that the correct vanity would be in stock. I arrive at the customer service desk with my return and my receipt and there's no line. Yet it still took them 40 minutes to process my exchange! An exchange that never should have been necessary since they gave me the wrong item!