Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy half-year, Baby A

It's hard to believe you're halfway to one. I promised I'd write in your baby book every month, but blogging is going to have to suffice. You are the second born, I'm afraid. Anyway, let it be known that at six months you are:

The happiest baby on the block. Seriously, you've only had two tantrums ever. You fuss a little when mommy walks in the door and deigns to glance at the mail or wash her hands before ripping off her top and giving you the boob, but you don't cry when you're alone in your crib, when you're hungry, when you're chilled in the bath or when your big sister crushes you with her love.

Lunging, grabbing and putting everything in your mouth. Well, everything but baby food anyway. You're a bonafide milkaholic, but the few tastes I've given you of rice cereal, oatmeal, banana and pureed pears? Notsomuch. You do, however, enjoy gnawing on hunks of bread.

Almost sitting up.
With the support of a Boppy, you can stay upright for about half an hour!

But completely uninterested in rolling over.

And currently obsessed with blowing raspberries.

1/25/08 update: At your six month well-baby check up you weighed in at 16lbs (50th percentile) and stretched 25 1/2 inches (30th percentile).