Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Lands' End Diaper Bag Giveaway!

Maybe Santa and the Hanukkah Fairy didn't come through for you, but Marketing Mommy will! Lands' End has generously provided me with four, count 'em four, diaper bags to give away to my readers.

My very first diaper bag was a wide-mouth workhorse from Lands' End, a bag that still travels back and forth to day care three times a week. It's too ugly for me to be caught dead carrying, but Lands' End has made some progress on that front. The bags I've got for giveaway are these Pattern Diaper Bag Totes, but instead of a nautical look, I've got two girly floral totes and two boyish navy bags with little green frogs on them. They're decidedly not hipster cool, but they won't get you laughed out of Mommy and Me class like a Winnie the Pooh or free formula bag. They're just classically square. The mock turtleneck of diaper bags.

They're modeled after Lands' End's popular tote bags, but they've been pimped out with countless pockets and a changing pad. And let me tell you something about the Lands' End changing pads. They're awesome. They're big and long and they have hidden waterproof zipper pockets where you can stash a couple of diapers and some wipes. Just this week I put a diaper and some wipes inside the changing pad and headed off to the airplane restroom without the bulk of our snack and toy-filled diaper bag. And unlike the flimsy pad inside my old Skip Hop diaper bag and the sweaty plastic pad that came with my Pottery Barn diaper bag, this changing pad folds up easily every time.

To enter to win a Lands' End Diaper Bag, send an email to almaklein@yahoo. com with your name and style preference and "Diaper Bag Giveaway" in the subject line.

Get an extra entry for mentioning the giveaway on your blog (include the link in your email) or emailing 5 friends about it (cc me). Contest ends Tuesday, January 8, after which I'll post the names of the winners as well as a photo of Baby A modeling her new Lands' End Baby outfit.