Monday, February 23, 2009

Doughnuts make everything better

Since the guys who used to prepare our taxes sold their business and parted ways with the accountant who used to work with us, we decided they weren't worth the haul up to Wilmette. I found a locally recommended office in Forest Park and Josh, A and I spent a full hour in a hot, windowless, drab office reviewing our piles of paperwork with our new CPA, Anna.

She seemed uber-thorough, bringing to light the utter slackness of our previous preparer. Whatever. I'm just glad she's nearby, on the ball and probably a bit cheaper than the old company.

I made to work halfway through our weekly status meeting, but since I brought a box of enormous and oh-so-delicious lemon, raspberry and apricot Paczkis, I was crowned Miss Popularity. I'm so glad Paczkis are only sold two days a year (they're a Fat Tuesday tradition), because they are irresistible.