Sunday, February 15, 2009

Girl, you'll be a woman soon (in 1.5 years)

We took the girls to the Garfield Park Conservatory today. That as after Z had a morning playdate, Josh and I took A to our new favorite grocery store, Tony's Finer Foods, and I had my weekly introduction to Hebrew class.

Speaking of Hebrew, I've pretty much mastered the aleph-bet and can stumble my way through most of the words in my workbook. So I'm taking the next logical step (ha!) and signing myself up for at least a year and a half's worth of preparation for my Bat Mitzvah. Yes, I'm crazy. I just mastered my Hebrew ABCs and now I'm going to be learning how, not just to read Torah, but to chant it. On top of working full time, raising two little girls, blogging and everything else, I'm going to learn to read Hebrew fluently and master the marks of cantillation (basically an ancient form of musical notation). There's no way I'd take this on if my friend Nancy wasn't doing it alongside me. She's a single mom of two who also works full time in advertising and teaches fitness classes on the side, so if she can squeeze this into her life, I can too. And believe it or not, I'm not the only Chicago Moms Blog contributor embarking on an adult Bat Mitzvah.

My office is closed tomorrow, so I'm taking the family on a one day pretend vacation. We're heading to CoCo Key, an indoor water park in Arlington Heights.