Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lovin' on some babies

Could I have picked a cuter photo for my 1000th blog post?

Josh and I took the girls to visit Jodi and her 2 week old baby Eviana this evening. We brought soup, granola and two onesies that I'd personalized with iron-on letters. One with the baby's name and one with "Old School," since Jodi and Peter own and operate our favorite local record store, The Old School Records.

Z and A went bananas for Eviana. Z cradled the sleepy baby in her arms (with the support of a Boppy pillow) for a long time, and proclaimed that she wanted to hold a baby "all day, every day." When we finally made her give Eviana up so that Josh could have a turn, little sister A grabbed herself a Boppy and reached up with both arms for her turn with Eviana. We didn't let her hold the baby, but she got in lots of caresses and kisses. When she wasn't demanding her turn with the infant, A was terrorizing Jodi's dogs, reprogramming her television and secreting Eviana's bottle in our backpack. Sneaky kid.

Interestingly enough, on the way home, A popped out her paci and said, quite clearly "Ev-a! Baby!" I asked Z what she thought of the baby and she said "Her head is very, very warm."