Monday, February 02, 2009

I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed on

Today I set a record for things lost or forgotten in 8 hours.

My hat. I'd only just bought this hat to replace the hat I'd left on the El train 2 weeks ago. And if you guessed I left it on the train, well, you'd be right. Bonus points if you also know that I managed to lose the hat a friend had so kindly loaned me while I was hatless. Which basically means I'll have spent $32 + $32 + whatever it costs to reimburse my friend and I'm still without a hat. In Chicago. In February.

What else did I forget? My workout clothes. I made it to my favorite weight-training class at noon and grabbed a spot only to discover my shorts and shirt weren't in my locker. Did I take them home or leave them in the changing room last week? Honestly, I have no idea.

So I decided to use my lunch hour to look for a dress to wear to a NYC wedding I'm attending next month. I didn't find a dress, but I did leave my necklace in the changing room. (I've since returned to claim it.)

I also forgot my period starts today. Which means I forgot to bring Tampax.

So I can't keep track of my clothes, accessories or monthly cycle, but I did reach into my coat pocket to discover that, in addition to remembering my house keys, I brought a pacifier to work.