Saturday, February 07, 2009

Want to be thin and rich? Learn to cook.

The news that high fructose corn syrup has mercury in it didn't shock me. It's a substance I avoid. After all, no one cooks dinner for the family or bakes a batch of cookies for the preschool class with pantry bottle of HFCS. It's an industrial ingredient in processed foods. (You can learn more about HFCS from Mothergoosemouse.)
You see, processed foods aren't good for you. Or me. Or anyone else, really. I haven't read In Defense of Food, but I know that the more we eat factory food and restaurant food, the fatter we get because we really don't know what we're eating. Want shocking proof? Check out Men's Health's 20 Worst Foods in America.

Fortunately, this economic downtown might result in a healthier America, and not just because the Obama Administration favors health care for all Americans. I'm talking about people saving money by pulling out their dusty pots and pans and opening a cookbook. (Interestingly, I just read in Rob Walker's Buying In that 80% of Viking stove owners don't cook.

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