Monday, September 21, 2009

Never lose control of your interview

How old are you? Four.
What do you do every day? I have breakfast. I go to school. And I come home from school.
What is your favorite part of the day? When you come home from work and you read me stories. And when you tell me a made-up story.
What do you love to do? Art class.
What don't you love to do? I don't like to have pasta.
What are your favorite foods? Mac and cheese and pizza and peas and corn on the cob.
What does Mommy love to do? Hey, I want to ask the questions.
But this is my interview of you. I want to ask you the questions.
Okay, you can ask the questions; I'll just type them into the computer.
No, I'm big now. Give me the computer and I'll ask the questions and I'll type in the answers!

Basically, my 4 year old hijacked my interview. Here's a screenshot of her 10 minutes of reportage. Bonus points if you can translate her inventive phonetic spellings to English.