Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Post surgery: day 4

You can find the original surgery post here

Mostly good news to report on the recovery front. I was able to leave my $14.99 aluminum cane at home this morning. I'm able to put much more weight on my right foot and I can walk at a halfway decent pace, albeit with a pronounced limp. I've traded gauze bandages for a giant Band-Aid on the bottom of my foot, which I top with moleskin and a cushiony white sweat sock for comfort. Even though my foot isn't visibly swollen, I can only fit into a sneaker with the laces very loose or my Crocs. Sexy. In a fit of vanity, I tried slipping into a pair of low, comfy heels and one second of downward pressure just about sent me flying into my closet ceiling with pain. Ow-ie. Anyway, it may amuse you to learn that settled on wearing a black gladiator sandal on my left foot and a turquoise Crocs Mary Jane with an athletic sock on my right. Both colors are reflected in the print on my dress. Incidentally, this injury has given me the opportunity to "stress test" sweat socks for cushioning and I'm like to report that the Hanes ankle socks distributed free at the the BlogHer conference are far and away the most comfortable.

As for the wound, it kind of looks like Swiss cheese. Dried out Swiss cheese. I don't much like being able to see the muscle tissue at the bottom (top?) of the holes, but I Can't. Stop. Looking. Good thing I've got the thing wrapped up tight 99 percent of the time.