Friday, September 11, 2009

Twitter=faster customer service

Periodically I see a tweet from (basically Zappos outlet) announcing a collection of shoes on sale for some ridiculously low price--$24.95, usually. I clicked on through for one of my favorite brands, Indigo by Clarks, chose a pair of gold flats (pictured, only $21.95 right now) and added a pair of environmentally-friendly hemp and recycled rubber sneakers from Simple.

The shoes arrived quickly and the fits were right on, but half of the rubber appeared to have been shaved off the sole of one of the Simple shoes. Major defect on otherwise adorable kicks! I send a DM (direct, private 140 character message) to 6pm_com:
Just received order and the Simple sneakers, while adorable, are defective. Barely any sole on 1 shoe. Do I still pay to return?
They wrote back quickly, figured out my order number (no idea how they managed that!) and assured me they'd take care of the problem promptly. When they got my voice mail at home, they tweeted me asking for a better contact number. I wrote them my office digits and they called immediately. Net net, I've been credited for the faulty shoes and the shipping and I don't even have to bother returning them!

Per Josh's suggestion, I may take my now free faulty sneaks to our neighborhood shoe troll and see if he can patch up/waterproof the sole.

I've said it before: if you want better customer service, get yourself on Twitter.