Saturday, August 07, 2010

BlogHer part 1

You know the feeling you got at sleepaway camp when so much was packed into every day that 24 hours felt like a week? That's BlogHer for me. I'll have to break down my days into a few different posts, so let's start with day 1.

Thanks to the wonder of Twitter, I found a cab share from the airport and a roommate for the conference. I exchanged hellos with Kristen Chase and crossed the lobby to my IRL friend and neighbor Carrie and one of her roommates (whom she'd only just met too). We walked a few blocks to Le Pain Quotidien, and had lunch.

Around 3 o'clock our room was ready, so Anna and I unpacked and got to know each other a little bit. Then it was off to my first party suite. I thought I'd go straight from the suite to "A Little Night Music," but I got such generous swag that I had to head back to the hotel to drop it off. I met Meagan, Sandie, Michelle, Stacey and a couple of others whose business cards I either didn't grab or lost. Bernadette Peters led a top-notch cast and our second-row seats weren't too shabby either. After the show, Sandie, Michelle, Carrie and I headed to Shake Shack and walked through Times Square, which was still hopping with throngs of people and costumed characters at 11 at night.

Carrie, Sandie and me (I'm wearing airbrush makeup--can you tell?)

New York's finest were looking fine

Back at the Hilton, Carrie and I met up with TheChicagoMom's founder MJ Tam and fellow writers Beth Rosen and Duong Sheahan for a glass of wine. Then it was bedtime for bunny.