Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Retail design FAIL

A small portion of my professional life is dedicated to shopper-based design, and it has made me a particularly astute observer of store design, layout and lighting; shelf sets and in-store signage.

But you don't have to be a marketer to be appalled by the interior of Oak Park's Petersen's Pharmacy. This is a store owned by a dedicated pharmacist (the kind who will mix up compounds to order) who obviously doesn't give a damn about the presentation of the typically very profitable drugstore "front-of-store," the area dedicated to non-prescription items like healthy and beauty products, candy and incidentals.

This permanent Medela display is nearly toppling over. $300 breast pumps are stacked on top of VitaminWater and breastfeeding supplies are all jumbled together. Since there is a thriving midwife practice in the building, these high-profit items should be more artfully displayed.

Does choosing your pain reliever from a chaotic shelf inspire confidence? None of the medicine had expired, but most have undergone packaging updates since these boxes were printed.
And the piece de resistance, a 20 year old bottle of Perma Soft conditioner.