Thursday, August 12, 2010

She's growing up

Who is this child of mine, with her tiny pierced ears and her rapidly lengthening yellow-blonde curls? Who is this girl who has finally outgrown her size 3 swim rash and her lactose intolerance and has taken to galavanting around town in my old glasses (with the lenses popped out)? This lover of animals and under-the-covers reader of Judy B. Jones paperbacks is as addicted to her hand-me-down iPod full of pop tunes and Lemony Snicket audiobooks as I am to my Blackberry. This, faithful readers, is my 5 1/2-year-old Z, possessor of a newly-rented 1/16 size violin, 23 Silly Banz and the proud recipient of an earned allowance* of $4 a week.

*In order to qualify for her allowance, Z must make her bed, put her toys away, practice violin and do any assigned homework.

Local readers, can you figure out where this picture was taken?