Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Her first day of kindergarten

Z was all smiles at this morning's drop-off. Although she'll eventually catch the bus down the street, we walked her there and escorted her to the "kindergarten porch" where the youngest students line up with their classrooms.

Josh and I then headed upstairs to the media center (a.k.a. the library) for an orientation prepared specifically for new kindergarten parents. I left around 8:40 so that I wouldn't be too late for work. It had, after all, been a few days since I'd been in the office.

Her first day was only 3 hours long, but the lunchtime report I received from Z was a positive one. She made two new friends, completed a craft and found a Judy B. Jones book to read in a nook in the classroom. She can't wait to go back and dive into new experiences like gym, music and art classes, Spanish lessons and trips to the school library.

Tomorrow she'll also be buying hot lunch. A big deal for a picky eater and a mom who doesn't much relish packing lunch boxes.