Sunday, August 08, 2010

BlogHer: Learning to love my small blog

While parts 2 and 3 of my BlogHer 2010 recap are still to come, right now I want to share what was for me the most memorable, meaningful session of the conference: Little Fish in a Big Pond: Understanding, Accepting and Loving Your Small Blog. You can read the live-blogged recap here.

If you recall last year's invention of the BlogHer D-List, you know I'm okay being a small blogger. Virtual invisibility has its advantages. For starters, less work. I don't stress over my design, participate in Twitter parties or hustle to sell ads, which means I have more time to focus on my real job and my real life. If I don't post for a few days, I don't piss off the masses, I worry my mother.

Unlike the super blog-celebs Dooce, The Pioneer Woman and The Bloggess, I am under no pressure to write amazing posts. Appear on TV. Or score a book deal. In fact, no matter how I neglect my blog, botch the design or write trivial drivel, I just don't have very far to fall. In fact, if I shut down my blog tomorrow, I'm not sure more than a dozen people would call me up to complain. [Side note: I met Jenny the Bloggess at the CheeseburgHer party Saturday night and found her sweet and engaging and not at all possessing of the high horse she's entitled to.]

Now it's not to say that I don't envy the brightest stars in blogging their readership and the opportunities that come along with a large audience. I do. A little.

But what I really want is not a big blog. It's a better blog. A more engaging blog. What I really, truly, deep-down-in-my-heart desire is a blog with a shitload of comments. And that's where you come it. I'm going to improve my game. And you... won't you please, please comment more often? And if you've been reading for some time and you've never commented before, it's time to delurk. Leave me a comment--even an anonymous one.