Monday, August 14, 2006

Crib Notes

I love listening to Z over the baby monitor as she wakes up in the morning or from her afternoon nap. This morning I heard "Hi Tu-wah [Tallulah, the cat]. Hi Tu-wah. Tu-wah, come back! Tu-wah, come here! Hi Tu-wah. How're you, Tu-wah? I'm fine."

I went into her room and said hello. Z responded with "Go downstairs, eat breakfast....First... get changed." I lifted her up and onto the changing pad on the dresser and removed her soggy diaper.

"Dat's dirty!" she said, pointing to the diaper as I manipulated the plunger-thingie on the Diaper Champ. "Get fresh diaper." I wiped her, diapered her, and turned my attention to her clothes drawer. I picked out denim overalls [the ones in this picture, in fact], but Z had something else in mind.

"Wanna wear skirt!"

Yesterday's post-nap monologue was "My turn. My turn. My turn. Mommy? Mommy? Mom-meee!" When she saw me peeking through the doorway, she exclaimed "Dat's funny!" I went into her room in shorts and a tankini top and asked her what I was wearing.

"Dat's a shirt, Mommy."
"No, it's a swimsuit. Do you want to go to the pool?"
"No! Wanna stay right here!" Zoe exclaimed, pointing downwards and jumping in her crib.
She paused for a second and then said "Get swim diaper. Go pool. Get all wet!"
"Do you want to bring your shark and walrus?" I ask, gesturing at the squirty toys she'd taken with her to bed.