Monday, August 21, 2006

"I wanna see peoples"

Z got her wish this weekend as we squeezed in a whole lot of socializing. Saturday was playgroup at the playgrond, and on Sunday I made dinner for two women who recently gave birth. We delivered the food in person, getting to visit with the new arrivals. Both are baby girls with older brothers, both delivered in the water at West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park.

So it wasn't any surprise when, as we were climbing the front steps of my co-worker's new home in Oak Park to present them with some farmer's market honey, Z piped up with "see 'nother tiny baby!" But since Justin and his wife don't have children, she settled for chasing after their cats and checking out the contents of their kitchen cabinets. As we were leaving, Z said, "Go back an' see more neighborhood!"

To Z's delight, we weren't done socializing. Our friends and Old School Records proprietors Jody and Peter came over for dinner. I made a rosemary chicken and potatoes recipe from the new issue of Real Simple, but unable to believe the recipe didn't call for any garlic, I added a clove. It was a good dish, but it could have stood even more garlic.

Z had been playing with Jody's keys during dinner, and Jody realized after Z had been put to bed that they weren't on the floor or in any obvious location. So around 10pm all four of us spent half an hour on our hands and knees, scouring the first floor for a giant ring of keys. Jody eventually found them: in the "trunk" of Z's ride on car, which was parked on the front porch.