Friday, August 18, 2006

A most crap-tastic post

I didn't realize how much I treasured a little peace and quiet in the bathroom until just recently. You see, Z has started showing a real interest in the potty process, and this morning she pestered me with "What are you doing Mommy?" and "Where is the poop Mommy?" while trying to pry my knees apart and peek into the bowl. When I didn't perform fast enough (and trust me, it's not easy with such an audience), she leaned against my thighs and said, "Move Mommy! I wanna throw paper in dere! I wanna flush the toy-et!"

But perhaps my lack of privacy is paying off. Because she is learning something. After she flushed, she pointed to the potty and said "That's dirty." Which has me hoping I won't find her giving her dolls a dip in there anymore.