Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Movin' on Up

As I was putting her to bed last night in her crib, Zoe told me she wanted to sleep "in da big bed." I told her we were done playing on Mommy and Daddy's big bed and it was time to go to sleep. She insisted, saying "I wanna big bed!"

"Do you think you're ready for a big girl bed, Z?"

"Yeah, I wanna big girl bed. Big girl bed."

"We'll see," I replied, "Maybe you'll get a big girl bed soon. But tonight you're sleeping in your crib."

Now I'm not sure I'm ready for Z to be out of her crib and into trouble. One of her little friends moved to a toddler bed at around 15 months, but everyone else is happy to sleep in their safe little baby cages. So I'm hoping this is a passing fancy.

But when that day does come...do we just remove one side of her crib? Do we buy her a cheap toddler bed or go to a twin bed straightaway?