Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Date Night

Tonight's Dixie Chicks tickets fell through, but having a babysitter already booked, we leapt at the chance to go out to dinner as a couple. We chose Opera because we'd enjoyed their Tuesday night deal once before. For $25 per person, you can choose any appetizer, entree and dessert on the menu--including their $30 Peking Duck 3 Ways special (which Josh got). Our meal was spectacular and the service was great. And to top it all off, our server presented us with two $50 gift certificates to Marche, which is owned by the same people as Opera. Somehow we ended up ahead!

Only one thing dampened our evening. When we returned home, Julia informed us that Z cried off and on all evening. Which she's never done for a sitter before. I'm guessing she just didn't get enough Mommy and Daddy time before we took off. Today was a daycare day and I'd only been home for a few minutes before the babysitter arrived.

I was actually a little glad that she sensed our return home and called out for a reassuring hug. I even broke protocol and lifted her out of her crib. Guess Mommy needed that hug too.