Tuesday, August 29, 2006

From the mouth of a babe, part 2

Here are a couple of quotes from Z from the past few days.

“We’re going on a long trip! I’m helping Mommy. I pack da suitcase. I packing things all up!”

“I’m helping Mommy. I’m picking raspberries. ‘Dis one’s dirty! ‘Dis one’s not ready! ‘Dis one’s clean! Here, Mommy!”

“We’re going to restaurant. I wanna ask a lady. I wanna ask a lady for…for highchair!”

“I wanna drive a ‘lil bit.”

“Dat’s my stroller. Dat’s my black stroller. Dat’s a other stroller. Dere’s two strollers.”

“What’s dat, Mommy?”
“Those are coffee mugs for sale.”
“Don’t touch!”
“That’s right, we don’t touch them.”

“No pony, Mommy. No pony.”
“But Mommy wants a ponytail. I’m having a bad hair day.”
“Mommy have bad hair day!”

“Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don’t let the …bugs bite!”