Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crying it out

I know sleep training works. I know. It's just so damned hard to listen to her cry. When I'm tired. And Josh is a stone. And Z might wake up. And require me to change her sheets.

It's so easy to head across the hall, half-lidded to re-paci/pat/rock/nurse her back to sleep. To tell myself she's just a baby. It's fine. It's only once a night.

Until it's every 25 minutes. All f-ing night long. The kid's got us trained. I cry, they come. So tonight I put her to bed awake. I read her a story after she fell asleep on the boob and placed her into her crib sleepy but not asleep.

And she cried bloody murder. Josh, Z and I retreated to the basement with the baby monitor. I'd turned the sound off, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the bouncing red light that indicated major sound in the nursery. The angry red lights flickered for 25 long, heart-rending minutes before the poor baby gave up and went to sleep.

Here's to hoping she stays asleep ... or at least doesn't cry quite so long at 2am tonight.

WED. MORNING UPDATE! A woke up briefly at 10pm and fussed for about 30 seconds. Then there wasn't another peep from her until 5am. And she slept without her beloved paci!