Monday, May 26, 2008

Return of the no-nap monster. Or, why mommy needs a cocktail.

We really did have a wonderful weekend. Look, here's proof! But too much excitement coupled with hot, humid weather and two naps too few ignited a four-day weekend-ending meltdown.

I love being a mom to small children, but I gotta tell you: I'm looking forward to meals that don't end with food on the floor and in the hair, outings that don't require bottles, juice boxes, pb&j sandwiches, cut-up grapes, sunblock, sun hats and baby wipes. And I can't wait to just point to the staircase and say, "Upstairs, bedtime," to a couple of kids who can brush and floss their own teeth, use the potty without prompting and read their own books before bed.

Other mothers have told me this is the hardest time, but that once Baby A is 15 months old the girls will be able to play together without so much assistance and monitoring on my part. I can't wait.