Monday, May 12, 2008

Product review: The best in bibs

If there's one thing I've learned as a second-time mom, it's don't cheap out on the bibs. Bibs are like diapers: they are designed to catch and contain baby messes. And like diapers, you get what you pay for. A store brand diaper can handle a little wetness, but when shit happens, I want Huggies in my corner.

Similarly, a cheap terry bib (I like IKEA's) is adequate for bottle-feeding or catching drool, but when it comes to feeding solids, you need to pull out the big, quality bibs. Don't buy cheapo vinyl bibs from Target and Babies R Us--they're stiff and itchy and baby will pull them right off. I'm a big fan of Bumkins nylon bibs. They attach securely, cover a large area and include a food-catching pocket. Best of all, they rinse clean under running water and dry super fast.

They some folks from Da Bib came calling. They've designed two ultra-premium bibs and they sent both to Baby A for testing. Hugs, with its microfiber terry front and waterproof nylon back, is decided for "wet" eaters. The terrycloth absorbs yogurt, soup and pureed foods nicely, so it's a good choice for parents who are still doing a lot of spoon-feeding. Interesting enough, Josh didn't realize that the terry was supposed to face out, so he used it backwards (as a food repelling bib) and it functioned just fine.

Giggles, which A is modeling in the picture, is more like a Bumkins bib--nylon and pocketed. Both Hugs and Giggles feature DaBib's major selling point, an adjustable high-neck "scrunch collar" that ensures no food dribbles down the chin and onto the shirt below. It is a great feature, but it means that the bibs take a lot longer to dry that my beloved Bumkins. Which makes me more likely to save these bibs for extraordinarily messy meals or protecting exceptionally special outfits.