Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm wishing...

"Show me when on the calendar your birthday is, Mommy."
I flipped forward to June and pointed to the middle of the month.
"It's after Abby's birthday and after Nanny and Rick's wedding," I told her.
"We're getting a bike trailer for Mommy's birthday!" she bragged to our new neighbor, who was over for a playdate.

When I let Josh in on my birthday wish, he said it was too much of a family gift and not nearly selfish enough. So I told him he can buy it, assemble it, and get my bike tuned up too. Perhaps he's wishing he didn't open his mouth.

I have other wish. It's also an all-family affair, but decidedly less practical: a tasteful* family portrait by this guy.

*Tasteful=black and white, no matching outfits