Saturday, May 17, 2008

Killer Queen

Josh and I saw Tributosaurus pay homage to Queen last night at the Park West, and they brought the sold-out house to its feet with five guitarists, three faux Freddys and a 20 person chamber choir. Josh takes guitar lessons from curt Morrison, Tribute's lead guitarist, but that isn't our only single degree of separation from the the band. The bassist plays in the Lincoln (Elementary) Dad's band with our next-door neighbor and is married to a woman who works at my agency--on my floor. (I haven't met her yet.)

Today we had a picnic lunch while watching our neighbors' boys play T-ball (they were on opposite teams). And you know what--there was another Arc employee there (I hadn't met her before either). It's funny how my suburban preschool-and-playground life is continually intersecting with my corporate life. I scraped paint off my front steps during the girls' naps and I met up with two of my best friends and their kids at the park in the afternoon. On a whim, I invited everyone's families over for dinner and we brought our grill out of hibernation for grilled garlic-lime chicken legs, hot dogs, corn on the cob, canned baked beans and some cookies Z and I baked Thursday night. It turned out pretty good for no planning. So good that after finishing all her "baby food" dinner (cheese, sweet potato, carrots and Cheerios), Baby A put away about half of a chicken drumstick.