Sunday, May 11, 2008

So many milestones, so much frustration

Baby A is madly trying to figure out how to crawl and it's making her mad. I'm beginning to suspect she may give up altogether and focus to learning to walk as she's more intent on pulling up than getting on all fours. Right now her major form of locomotion is a kind of an upright scoot. When she does get into the crawling position, she ends up going backward and trapping herself under furniture. And that makes her even madder.

When she's not scooting around the house in search of doors to open and close, containers to empty and fill and drawers to open and shut (on her fingers), she's waving hello and goodbye and teaching us her emerging vocabulary. Mama and Dada are clear (and expected), but she's also saying hola, hi, bye and "yaht," which pretty clearly means cat. And dear God does she want to get the cat. Tallulah, who's come to love and accept Z, doesn't seem to understand that Baby A means her harm. She doesn't budge even as the baby lurches at her, squealing with glee as she yanks herself a slobbery handful of fur...she just swats at her. We're going to have to keep kitty's claws trimmed before A learns a painful lesson.