Monday, January 08, 2007

From the mouth of a babe

And now for the part of my blog that will haunt my daughter's preteen and teenage years. The part where I capture some of the adorable-yet-terribly-embarrassing things that come out of her mouth. Gems like...

"Baby Reid has a penis." (She said this to his mother, who was sitting for us last night. Julie apparently replied with, "Yes. Yes, he does."

"Hey Daddy! I had a big poopy! It was big and messy. It was all in my, in my 'gina! When I get bigger 'n bigger I go poopy in the potty!" (This was said to Josh after Z and I returned from a diaper change in the Crate & Barrel bathroom. She illustrated with gestures.)

And, when we were talking about the baby in Mama's tummy...

"Hi baby! Baby boy gonna have a penis?"
"Yes, if it's a boy, he will have a penis."
"Let's pull him out?"
"No, the baby is going to stay in Mama's tummy for a long time."