Monday, January 15, 2007

It's a small world after all

As if getting together with our playgroup two days in a row wasn't stimulation enough, Z made a new friend today. And, much like the story of how I met Gloria (and Z her daughter Lia), this one involves both happenstance and friends of friends.

You see, I went to my first session of prenatal yoga at the park district Saturday morning, and Sarah, the woman closest to my due date, looked vaguely familiar. But when she mentioned she had a two-year-old girl, I figured I'd probably just seen her at the pool or the library, both popular mom-and-toddler hangouts. So imagine my surprise when, after the class was over, she mentioned that we shared a mutual friend, Erica. Now Erica doesn't live in Chicago; she went to high school with Josh outside Philly. So I'm all "You remember me from Erica's wedding?" Turns out she wasn't a total savant; Erica had told her that we live in Oak Park and have kids the same age. And that's no lie: Maddy and Z were born one day apart. And now Sarah and I are expecting our second children three weeks apart.

Anyway, Sarah and daughter came over to play this afternoon and our girls got on famously, sharing beautifully, dancing up a storm and playing together. I liked Sarah a lot too, but we didn't play ring-around-the-rosy or dress up like princesses. [Thanks for the long-distance introduction, Erica! Any contractions yet?]