Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sun, sand and swim diapers

Just a quick note from Akumal, Mexico, where we've been since Thursday afternoon. Our flight from Chicago to Cancun was uneventful. We rented a crappy little Nissan and headed south on the 307, stopping halfway to stock up on groceries, diapers and a bucket of sand toys at the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Playa Del Carmen.

My Mom and her boyfriend had already checked into our two bedroom condo, and Z took one glance at the place and yelled, "The beach! I need sunblock! I need my swimsuit! And my new toys!" She's been in heaven ever since, alternating between all of her favorite activities: digging in the sand, "swimming" in the ocean with us and demanding that books be read to her by all present. She's eating well too, gorging on Mexican food, Raisin Bran and the best homemade ice cream in Riviera Maya (imagine flavors like ginger, caramel and mango). And Mexico has one child-friendly item I wish was more available in the U.S. -- shelf-stable "juice boxes" of 2% milk.

We haven't ventured outside of Akumal yet, but Tulum and some nearby cenotes (underground springs/rivers) are on the agenda for the next couple of days.

La beuna vida!