Friday, January 12, 2007

From the mouth of a babe

So while I was putting Z to bed tonight, we were saying night-night to all her friends and I said "Goodnight Beth B." Beth is a high school classmate of Josh's whom I became friends with while she lived in Chicago. She was Z's very first babysitter (at just 4 weeks!) and we've missed her terribly since she moved to Texas for her medical residency.

Anyway, Z immediately responded with "Where'd Beth B. go?"

"She's in Texas," I said "Probably going to sleep. Do you think she has an aquarium like yours?"

"Beth B. has a crib?"

"Now, she sleeps in a big girl bed."

"No, she doesn't sleep in a big girl bed. She sleeps in a BIG bed." (Here I think she's distinguishing a non-crib kid bed from an adult bed.)

"You're right, Z, she sleeps in a big bed."

"She has an aquarium in the big bed?"

"No, she probably doesn't have an aquarium. It is for cribs."

"Beth B. bought me my doctor book. It's a doctor story. It was a present."

This kid will make an excellent politician or at least a damned good sales rep. She never forgets a name, a face or a favor.